Queens Community Board 1
A monthly update of harassment and displacement risk in rent stabilized* buildings in Queens Community Board 1. Each list is one risk factor.
You can click directly to a property's HPD building info (HPD), DOB Building Information System (DOB), ACRIS financial records (ACRIS), property tax information (Taxes), or OASIS Map (OASIS) page. You can also click the link for a building's registered Owner to view its Who Owns What page and its Address to view it in Google Maps.
If a building appears on more than one of the lists below in a given month it will be coded:
Yellow: two risk factors
Orange: three risk factors
Red: four risk factors
Tip: to find the building on other lists, expand all of them and then copy its BBL (Borough, Block, and Lot code) and use Find (Ctrl+F or ⌘+F).
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New sales of residential buildings last month (6 buildings)

A high sales price can mean the new owner plans to displace existing tenants to make large profits. All property transfers are included here, even when the recorded dollar amount is 0. Sales data is messy — click a building's (ACRIS) link for more detailed documentation. Note: data from the Department of Finance can lag, so these sales might be from the month before last.

BBLAddressZipTotal UnitsStab­ilized Units ('07)Stab­ilized Units ('16)Sales PricePrice/Sq. FootSale Date ▾OwnerLinks
400596002926-27 28 STREET111021010 10$2,700,000$49103/23/2018CASTOR MANAGEMENT CO. INC. (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400684007225-70 41 STREET1110331 31$0$003/16/2018257041 LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400715006825-60 45 STREET1110365 5$0$003/07/2018 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400817001736-16 24 AVENUE111032018 16$0$003/26/2018 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400885003218-30 26 ROAD1110266 4$410,000$13003/30/2018300 REALTY SERVICES LLC,300 REALTY LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400967004321-23 71 STREET1137077 7$0$003/28/2018 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
Buildings with 5+ new complaints filed with HPD last month (12 buildings)

Complaints that tenants make about conditions in their apartment or building get sent to Housing Preservation and Development for inspection. One complaint can include multiple problems in an apartment or a building. Click a building's (HPD) link for details.

BBLAddressZipTotal UnitsStab­ilized Units ('07)Stab­ilized Units ('16)Compl­aints ▾Owner Links
400625000433-09 31 AVENUE111064126418BIG CITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC. (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400650000535-09 31 AVENUE1110614141473509 LLC,35-09 LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400630002236-14 28 AVENUE111036666 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400830750121-05 33 STREET11105617122826METROPOLITAN,ACROPOLIS GARDENS (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400690000142-15 34 AVENUE11101605144642-15 REALTY ASSOCIATES LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400615006630-74 32 STREET11102252525530-74 32 ST LLC,CO-OWNER (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
401132003631-31 54 STREET1137759425GROSIDE OWNERS CORP (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400627001328-17 33 STREET11102665 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400606003435-28 34 STREET111062019195ALVAZ CONSTRUCTION CORPORATION (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
Buildings with 10+ new violations issued by HPD last month (2 buildings)

HPD issues violations of the Housing Maintenance Code after inspecting building conditions. Class A, B, and C violations can indicate a landlord is neglecting or actively harassing tenants, Class C being the most severe (info, p.7). Click a building's (HPD) link for more details.

BBLAddressZipTotal UnitsStab­ilized Units ('07)Stab­ilized Units ('16)Class AClass BClass CTotal ▾OwnerLinks
400734000932-73 48 STREET1110366 6612018 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400342002936-16 30 STREET111061616 16410216SMH OWNERS CORP (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
Buildings with 2+ new complaints filed with DOB last month (5 buildings)

Complaints that tenants make about construction or certain building conditions (e.g. broken elevator) get sent to the Department of Buildings. Click a building's (DOB) link for details through the Building Information System.

BBLAddressZipTotal UnitsStab­ilized Units ('07)Stab­ilized Units ('16)Compl­aints ▾OwnerLinks
400857002121-31 27 STREET11105161536BIG CITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC.,21-31 27 STREET, LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400415002041-07 CRESCENT STREET111014848241-07 CRESCENT ST JV LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400846004221-24 31 STREET11105116109952ONEOTA ASSOCIATES LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400848004420-24 31 STREET111054037402SCALDAFIORE REALTY CORP (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
Buildings with new DOB permit applications filed last month (13 buildings)

Construction permit applications show a landlord's intention to do construction and renovations, which can be used to destabilize apartments. For example, Alt 2 permits may represent work that will justify Individual Apartment Improvement rent increases (more info on permit types, p.5). Buildings are included here based on construction permit pre-filing dates. Click a building's (DOB) link for details through the Building Information System.

BBLAddressZipTotal UnitsStab­ilized Units ('07)Stab­ilized Units ('16)Alt 1 Perm­itsAlt 2 Perm­its ▾DM Perm­itsOwnerLinks
400642002834-04 34 AVENUE111062415 6020BIG CITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC.,34-04 34 AVENUE, LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400615005330-42 32 STREET111022014 5020BIG CITY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, INC. (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400592000530-53 29 STREET111022020 20010 (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400593013630-26 31 STREET111028 8010AEON CAPITAL LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400852004924-36 27 STREET1110266 60102436 27TH STREET LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400550002930-40 30 ROAD111024640 45010V.K. REALTY MGNT CORP,30-40 23RD STREET REALTY LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400342002436-06 30 STREET111066053 39010WASHINGTON COURT LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400657001431-69 37 STREET111032018 1901031-67 ASTORIA CORP (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400657001631-67 37 STREET111031120 2001031-67 ASTORIA CORP (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400701005825-38 43 STREET111032019 20010CORINTH REALTY LLC,AMERICA REALTY LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400702004743-18 25 AVENUE111031410 401043-18 25TH AVENUE LLC,AMERICA REALTY LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400720004846-17 30 AVENUE1110366 6010H&N EQUITIES LLC,H AND N EQUITIES LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
400546001323-35 29 AVENUE111021917 1610023-35 29TH AVE LLC,SCHWARTZ RE MANAGEMENT LLC (HPD) (DOB) (ACRIS) (Taxes) (OASIS)
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*All buildings in the report have contained at least one rent stabilized unit between 2007 and 2016. Stabilized unit numbers are approximate and based on property tax bills from the NYC Department of Finance: click a building's (Taxes) link for individual property tax bills. Missing or fluctuating numbers may be due to missing/incorrect registration by the owner or inconsistencies in property tax documentation. NYS Homes and Community Renewal maintains the most accurate information on rent stabilization, which is not available to the public.
Data sources: (, CC BY-SA); DOF Rolling Sales, PLUTO 16v2; NYC Open Data Portal: Housing Maintenance Code Complaints, Housing Maintenance Code Violations, DOB Complaints Received, DOB Job Applications Filings, Multiple Dwelling Registrations, Registration Contacts
The Association for Neighborhood and Housing Development produces these District Reports and DAP Map as part of the Displacement Alert Project. Email with feedback or questions.
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